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Lactation Care & Breastfeeding Support.

Let's Do This Together.

It's time to enjoy your breastfeeding experience! I have created Oh, Baby! with love, compassion and knowledge to help you meet your breastfeeding goals.

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Lori Atkins


Same sex adoptive breastfeeding relactation

My name is Lori Atkins, and I'm a Registered Nurse, as well as a Lactation Consultant & an IBCLC serving all of Connecticut.

Attending my best friends' birth many years ago led me to fall in love with Women’s Health. My long and varied expertise includes excelling as a Labor and Delivery RN at a large city hospital, running an obstetrical clinic, teaching all types of Childbirth and Breastfeeding education, and creating, as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, a comprehensive, hospital-wide breast pump program...

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Lori Atkins


Featured on News Channel 3's Mommy Monday Segment!

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Meet Vanessa!


Meet Vanessa J, our newest and most spectacular RN, IBCLC to join our Oh, Baby! Family. More about her:


Vanessa Janek is a registered nurse, lactation consultant, women's health nurse practitioner in-training, and mom of two amazing kiddos. Before becoming an IBCLC, she spent years teaching childbirth classes and supporting families as a full-spectrum doula and midwifery assistant. Vanessa is passionate about fostering emotional safety and connection, and strives to provide individualized lactation care that is evidence-based, person-centered, heart-led.


In her spare time you can find her reading, making art, digging for worms in the compost bin, petting her cats, and avoiding the question of what to make for dinner. Vanessa is thrilled to join Lori and the Oh Baby! team, offering comprehensive lactation visits in the Old Lyme office, via telehealth, and in-home for clients in southeastern CT and southern RI. 

White Sheet

In-Network with Aetna & Lactation Network!

Also Serving Cigna, United HC & Anthem BCBS



Some of the things I can

help you with...

  • Slow or poor weight gain issues

  • Nipple pain and help with latch

  • Assessment and plans of care for infant Tongue Tie (ankyloglossia)

  • Women with a history of breast surgery

  • Exclusive or partial breastmilk pumping/feeding situations

  • Breastmilk supply challenges

  • Adoptive, or inducing non-birth parent lactation

  • Basic and complex breastfeeding management

  • Supporting all family structures, specializing in LGBT family care, surrogate and gestational carrier consultations

  • ​​Preemie infant feeding management

  • Knowledge in the care of grieving parents who've lost their babies through stillbirth or neonatal death

  • Human milk bank donation

  • Breast pumping and individualized feeding plans as parents transition back to work



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We are in-network with Aetna, Lactation Network, and work with other insurers in different ways.


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Parents Recommend


Faye Tinè

Lori is an awesome lactation consultant. Her sense of humor and knowledge made me feel instantly comfortable with her, like talking to your best friend. She is on your side! I have met with her 3 times about my 3rd baby. She offers thorough care, answers all questions, and offers many helpful nursing/pumping hacks. If you need supplements or Spectra pump parts she offers them for sale at her office. I am an experienced nursing mom. Lori is still a great resource even if you have breasted babies before. Each baby is so different and Lori offers personalized, compassionate care.


Boski Patel

This was my second baby and I had hard time BF as it was very painful every time baby latched. Lori came to my house to visit us and she examined a baby and saw slight lip tie. She showed me some simple massages I could do on baby’s face and in mouth. Which changed the Bf experience within few days. And I breastfed him beyond my expected target which was for one year exclusively BF without any struggle. Just like it’s a natural response.He is 15 months now and I still happily BF him once a day. I thank you Lori for your guidance. I highly recommend Lori for your Breastfeeding related problems!


Jennifer Espinoza

As a first time mom, meeting with Lori was exactly what I needed. She gave me excellent advice, support, and encouragement. I had been to 2 other lactation consultants and did not feel as comfortable, as informed, or just all around reassured as I did with Lori. In fact, thanks to her advice and assistance, I have been able to build up a freezer stash large enough to be able to donate milk! So she helped not only my son, but has in turned allowed me to help others! She is quite simply the best!



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