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Insurance Questions

Do you have Aetna coverage?

We are in-network for Aetna clients. That means you may receive covered visits in my office. I will bill them for you. You can receive up to 6 visits with no prior authorization.

A few important things to note about Aetna coverage: Aetna has been applying cost-sharing as deductibles and copays to some customers/plans for lactation care. If you have not satisfied your deductible for the year, you may have fees associated with your visit. Please check with them, but ultimately any uncovered costs will be your responsibility.



What is the Oh, Baby Hand in Hand Program?

We are proud to offer breastfeeding care collaborations with local OBGYN offices in Connecticut. Oh, Baby! Lactation Consultants work closely with MD staff at Progressive Women's Health in Farmington, CT, and our newest partnership with Starling OBGYN in Bloomfield, CT. This means you can get lactation care in these offices, using most insurances including CT Medicaid/HUSKY. It is the best of both worlds, expert IBCLC care alongside an OBGYN MD to ask questions and get higher level care if needed. 

Currently, you can access our services if you would like from outside the practice at Progressive Women's Health In Farmington, but our care at Starling is for active Starling patients only.

Appointments in our program are made by the staff at these offices directly, links are posted below. Visits are scheduled approximately every 1.15 hours and are limited now to one day per week in each spot. 


***Please be patient while each office plans a safe reopening to decrease our risk of Covid transmission. Dates are scheduled for later in May and early June 2020.

Be prepared to bring a face covering for you (never mask a newborn!) 

No other children are allowed to come for lactation consultation appointments presently; a partner is allowed. This may be subject to change, check with each office as you create your appointment.***

Office visits are subject to schedule changes, fill quickly, and are limited.
Questions? Call the office directly at the number above. 

What if I have another Pediatrician or OB/GYN group? Can I still get care with you?

Absolutely! You do not need to leave your present caregivers. We are offering lactation care to all families who need it in a unique, one of a kind collaboration. So, you can come for breastfeeding help from anywhere! We can send your care providers information and share your visit with them if you'd like, for seamless care.


What if I want a visit and I don't have Aetna or qualify for a covered visit with Lactation Network? 

Other insurers will require you to pay for the care, that day, out of pocket/using a debit or credit card, installment pay with Square, or with an HSA card. (Yep, we accept card and HSA payments!). The Affordable Care Act states insurers MUST COVER LACTATION CARE. But, that doesn't mean they'll make it easy, or cover IBCLCS to see you. So... I can see you at our Glastonbury office for care, but I can't guarantee coverage. I will leave you with a superbill you can submit for possible reimbursement. My advice is to call your carrier and ask to access your out of network benefits. I can suggest some codes they might cover, but it's never guaranteed.


What are the next steps?

You can also call, text or email Oh, Baby! at 860-212-5440 , or email to:, for a more detailed discussion of your unique
situation and needs.

You will find an Intake and History form page here to fill out prior to any care.


LN Video

About the Lactation Network

The Lactation Network provides insurance-covered expert breastfeeding support for mothers and babies.

Oh, Baby! is excited to announce our participation in the Lactation Network. LN can cover some Anthem, BCBS, Cigna, and United customers with certain plans. If you qualify, you can receive up to 3 fully covered lactation visits. LN staff is quick and responsive to coverage requests, even emergently. Please contact them here and fill in my name, Lori Atkins of Oh, Baby! Lactation as the participating IBCLC. 

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