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Proud Recipient of the

2019 Connecticut Breastfeeding Coalition

Mother's & Families Champion Award

Lori at Oh, Baby! Lactation Care
Lori Atkins, RN, IBCLC

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A  B I T  A B O U T  M E

Lori Atkins


My name is Lori Atkins, and I'm a Registered Nurse, as well as a Lactation Consultant, IBCLC, in Connecticut. Attending my best friends' birth many years ago led me to fall in love with Women’s Health. My long and varied expertise includes excelling as a Labor and Delivery RN at a large city hospital, running an obstetrical clinic, teaching all kinds of Childbirth and Breastfeeding education, and creating, as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, a comprehensive, hospital-wide breast pump program.

In-hospital breastfeeding care is so important for new parents, but I always am frustrated for families if they struggle, coming home, with finding the support they need when breastfeeding problems are more common.


I have created Oh, Baby! with love, compassion and knowledge to help you meet your breastfeeding goals.​

XOXO, Lori

Some things I can help with... 

  • Slow or poor weight gain issues

  • Nipple pain and help with latch

  • Assessment and plans of care for infant Tongue Tie (ankyloglossia)

  • Women with a history of breast surgery

  • Exclusive or partial breastmilk pumping feeding situations

  • Breastmilk supply challenges

  • Adoptive, or inducing non-birth parent lactation

  • Basic and complex breastfeeding management

  • Supporting all family structures, specializing in LGBT family care, surrogate and gestational carrier consultations

  • ​​Preemie infant feeding management

  • Knowledge in the care of grieving parents who've lost their babies through stillbirth or neonatal death

  • Human milk bank donation

  • Breast pumping and individualized feeding plans as parents transition back to work




Bethany Salguero

My lactation interest came from nursing my own four children and how different all their experiences consuming breastmilk were. My friends and family all had different outcomes regarding their breastfeeding journey. I fell in love with the science of our amazing bodies and how we choose to nourish our children which is always unique.


Breastfeeding will never been black and white, and I enjoy figuring out all the big and small questions with a family. I also fell in love helping families reach their personalized goals. Some families need help figuring out how to get baby to take a bottle better, some inducing lactation, some back to work facing problems, and some having weight gain issues. Even putting baby to breast once a day for comfort can be a worthy goal, if that is the parent’s wish.


From newborn to full-term weaning, I got you! I am here for your journey, your path to walk with you and guide you towards reaching your dreams within infant feeding.   

Bethany Salguero

Why do you need an Experienced Nurse for your Lactation care?

"I wanted to say thank you for asking about me the day you came. You commented on my leg swelling and asked me about my blood pressure. While I did feel good, it prompted me to check it later that day - it was 160/100 on several reads. I was admitted that night
for postpartum preeclampsia with my pressure at 190/90 and elevated liver enzymes. While IV magnesium treatment was no fun I needed​ to be there. I feel good now and can see my ankles again! Thank you again and keep checking in on those new moms 😀." -LH

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