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Paying for Care

We are in-network with Aetna!

Did you know that Families with Aetna coverage can receive up to 6 lactation visits?

(Only a travel/concierge fee does apply for home visits).

This INCLUDES a Before Baby prenatal consultation, which can identify barriers early, and avoid breastfeeding problems later.


Problems with consult coverage?

I will always work with a family with breastfeeding needs, so please contact me directly to discuss any payment concerns.​ Please contact your insurer to attempt to work out a solution; but if you feel you need further support and assistance, or if your claim is denied, the Insurance Commissioner's office in your State is a great place to go. Here's the link to the CT office.

Need help paying for care?

Learn more about Square Installments, customized for Oh, Baby!  

Hand-in-Hand Program

We are proud to offer breastfeeding care collaborations with local OBGYN offices in Connecticut!


Oh, Baby! Lactation Consultants work closely with MD staff at Progressive Women's Health in Farmington, CT, and our newest partnership with Starling OBGYN in Bloomfield, CT. This means you can get lactation care in these offices, using most insurances including CT Medicaid/HUSKY. It is the best of both worlds, expert IBCLC care alongside an OBGYN MD to ask questions and get higher level care if needed. 


Currently, In-person care for each location is limited to that location's current patients.  Appointments in our program are made by the staff at these offices directly, links are posted below. Visits are scheduled approximately every 1.15 hours and are limited now to one day per week in each spot. 

  • Be prepared to bring a face covering for you (never mask a newborn!) 


  • No other children are allowed to come for lactation consultation appointments presently; a partner is allowed. This may be subject to change, check with each office as you create your appointment.***

Comforting Hands
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