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Paying for Care

We are in-network with Aetna!

Did you know that Families with Aetna coverage can receive up to 6 lactation visits?

(Only a travel/concierge fee does apply for home visits).

This INCLUDES a Before Baby prenatal consultation, which can identify barriers early, and avoid breastfeeding problems later.


Problems with consult coverage?

I will always work with a family with breastfeeding needs, so please contact me directly to discuss any payment concerns.​ Please contact your insurer to attempt to work out a solution; but if you feel you need further support and assistance, or if your claim is denied, the Insurance Commissioner's office in your State is a great place to go. Here's the link to the CT office.

Need help paying for care?

Learn more about Square Installments, customized for Oh, Baby!  

Hand-in-Hand Program

Are you a patient at Starling OBGYN, in Hartford, Wethersfield or Bloomfield Connecticut? 


Learn more about Oh, Baby’s Hand in Hand Program with Starling Physicians


We offer comprehensive lactation care for all Starling patients! That’s right, you can see us in one of the practice locations, and on certain in-office dates and times. We can participate with more insurance coverage when we work alongside your Starling MDs, including HUSKY/CT Medicaid. 


This partnership is wholly unique and allows expert breastfeeding care, in collaboration with your own healthcare providers. 


This INCLUDES our signature prenatal breastfeeding education! 


Come learn more about how to really prepare for breastfeeding, discuss concerns, ask questions, and learn how to make a robust milk supply right from the start. 


Do you need help after baby?

We have an infant scale, and do full lactation care visits in office. 


Joellen Savage is the Practice Manager and coordinates much of the breastfeeding care and education visits, please contact her at Starling. (Oh, Baby! does not do the schedule for these in office Starling appointments). Please call the Bloomfield office @ (860) 246-4029, or discuss more with your Starling Nurse Midwives, or your MD.

Comforting Hands
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