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"I never wavered in my ability to breastfeed and I believe my confidence in that was fueled by Lori."

Meet Erin, Dynesse & Dylan

"​I highly recommend Lori Atkins. She is supportive, professional, and so down to earth/easy to talk too. As a same-sex couple, we felt so comfortable working with her. She was open and affirming. I can't say enough good things about her. She helped us through many ​nursing ​challenges. Without her​ support, we may have given up - but with her encouragement, we kept going!" -Erin & Dynesse

Erin & Dynesse

Thanks from Holley

"When my daughter was 6 weeks old I was about to call it quits with breast feeding. She would only nurse in the side lying position, which made me have to pump a bottle if we went out anywhere. And after giving her bottles she seemed to not want to nurse at all during the day. I was so over whelmed and felt that if I was going to continue this breastfeeding relationship that I would either be trapped at my house feeding her in bed or on the couch or I was going to be hooked up to a pump all the time. I knew that I wanted to breast feed but I also knew that I wanted to be able to go places.

Lori gave me the confidence I needed!! She taught me so much and tricks on how to get my daughter to latch in other positions. She also taught me a lot on pumping and storing milk. But the most important thing she did for me was give me the confidence boost I needed to know that I could do this!

​My daughter is now 9 weeks and is feeding in the cradle position during the day and side lying at night!!! I have the confidence to leave the house to go to appointments with out worry about having to rush home to feed her! She still has her moments but this is a day by day thing for us
​ and I'm proud of how far she has come! ​Thanks, Lori!!!!" -Holley

Newborn Baby's Hand

Heartfelt words from

Jordan & baby Blake

"Lori has been such a blessing to our family. Being a first time mom I had tons of questions, not just related to breastfeeding but in becoming a mom. Lori answered so many of those questions and also helped me to gain my own confidence in my new found motherhood. I always knew I wanted to breastfeed and Lori not only believed in me but gave me even more confidence that I would be successful. Lori has been approachable with multiple questions before and since Blake’s birth.

I never wavered in my ability to breastfeed and I believe my confidence in that was fueled by Lori. Breastfeeding my son for the past six months, has truly been my life’s greatest accomplishment and Lori has been a great ally in that! She is a powerful, intelligent, thoughtful, genuine woman and I am so lucky to have her
in my life and my families life!"- Jordan

Jordan & Baby Blake

Allison and baby Amy...

"I was having a hard time with breastfeeding when my daughter was first born, and I was starting to use more and more formula. Lori came to my house within a day of me calling and patiently, lovingly gave me all the training and advice I needed. When I was feeling my most anxious she really propped me up. And she came back for a follow-up and has been available by text and phone ever since. My baby is now almost 5 months, exclusively breast fed and
​is happy and healthy. 

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

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